Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guru's grace in Sadhana - Part 1 of 2

Not only for mumukShutvA, but from A to Z everything in SAdhanA needs the Grace of the Guru.

The Guru views with compassion the effort done with heart-felt intensity and purity by the disciple and blesses him at every step and that is what takes him to the next step.

The first stage is karma-bhakti for the purification of the mind. The next stage is SAdhanA-chatushTayaM, consisting of Viveka (Discrimination), VairAgya (Dispassion), shamAdi-shhaTkaM the sextad beginning with shama,and mumukShutvaM (intense longing for mokSha).

Next comes the third stage of SAdhanA.

In this stage, the Grace of the Guru and surrender to the Guru are very important. So far, even if there is a small slip-up in the control of the senses, it may not be a big fault.


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