Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Acharya on Mumukshu - Part 4 of 15


In short, Ignorance (avidyA) – that is, ajnAnaM, directly opposite to jnAna (Knowledge) -- is nothing but the mind. Knowledgeable persons say so: ataH prAhur-mano’vidyAM paNDitAs-tattva-darshinaH (shloka 180/182) Therefore it is the mind that has to be discarded.

Before discarding it, it should be lightened by a purification. Unclean thoughts thicken the mind by their dust; that has to be purified and lightened. Then MokSha is in your hands”. (shloka 181/183).

At the end of Viveka-chudamani he ends it by saying that the whole book is for a mumukShu only. It is clear therefore that till the last moment of Realisation, the longing (mumukShutvaM) for MokSha continues.

The SAdhanA regimen contends that, after this (that is, after SAdhanA-chatushTayaM) one receives sannyAsa and then goes through the processes of shravaNa, manana and nidhidhyAsana and then gets the Light of Realisation, thus becoming a mukta.


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