Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mumukshu - Base & Intermediate Levels - Part 2 of 3


But the Acharya, in his compassionate view, has given a role to manda- and madhyama-adhikAris. Even the base level sAdhaka has started his SAdhanA only because he has a soft corner for mokSha.So the Acharya considers him, as having mumukShutA in the ‘manda’ stage.

After doing some SAdhanA and attaining a little maturity he (the sAdhaka) starts thinking a little more about mokSha. This is the intermediate level.

Even now his mind is not steady; it keeps wavering from this to that.The desire for mokSha which was only momentary in the beginning is now a little more stationary; but even this does not take any deep root because of the grip of MAyA.

And that is when that intermediate level mumukShu begins to lose faith because of thoughts like “How can this poor me get the great achievement of mokSha? It is not possible”. If this is the case of the intermediate level sAdhakA, then why speak of the basic level one?


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