Friday, August 26, 2011

Ego & Love - Part 5 of 5


Actually the gains in Atma-SAdhanA, that have so far been obtained, along with the individuality, should be melted away in the Atman. Instead of that, the ego appropriates all the honours to itself. And it thus fattens itself!

It is the feeling of individuality that is at the head of all these and that is what prevents it even of thinking to reduce and merge into the locale of the Atman.

In other words, the most important thing needed for Brahman-Realisation, namely surrender of the ego, never takes place.

The function of Love – the noblest attitude of giving oneself up -- is exactly this: it prevents the ego fattening itself on the great achievements and helps it to thin out.

Fortunately, the acquiring of discrimination, dispassion, shama, dama, etc. have refined the antaH-karaNaM.

So if only one makes the determination, one can generate the necessary Love.

And one can go on to surrender the ego and the individuality and thus exhibit this Love.

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