Monday, August 29, 2011

What is the object of Love of an Atma-sAdhaka? - Part 3 of 5


It is we who have to do service to him with the thought: “We have got ourselves into the mire of samsAra.

At least some rare person is struggling to get the Release. Let us do whatever we can to smoothen his journey of life”.

Thus neither to individuals nor to the society does this sAdhaka have to show his love. That does not mean he has to be inimical to society.

There is neither love nor hate. Non-violence is his first characteristic – by the very fact that he has taken a promise at the time of taking SannyAsa, that not a single being shall have any fear of me – in other words, “ I shall not harm in any way any living being”.

So he cannot have any hate towards any being or society.

This absence of hatred, however, which has come as the effect of the strength of his SAdhanA, is not to be shown as an explicit love in the outside world.


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