Thursday, February 9, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 10


(The Mahaswamigal continues to speak the words, as if, of the Goddess):

Thus I am the One who gives this new Bhakti in the state of jnAna. And I will be the One who will give you that jnAna to you, my devotee, when the time is ripe.

Don't you worry. You have come to Me as your Mother. I will take care of you.

The bondage in which I threw you shall be removed from you by Myself.

You need not have to keep on crying for Release. Once you know I am the only One there is, hold on to that steadfastly; there is no question of Release thereafter. Release from what?

Let jnAnis think that they will get the Ultimate Peace only when the duality-awareness goes away from them and let them go their own way of Enquiry of the Self.

When you feel you don't have the interest or the stamina to go that way, don't feel bad or incomplete. Come through the path of Love. See the multiplicities.

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