Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 16


Just as a master-sculptor dedicates each movement of his chisel to the object of his sculpture, he transforms each word, as it were, by his own spiritual experience of the Goddess and thus in turn we readers feel the words themselves constitute the Goddess.

It is not only blissful poetry, but blessed poetry. Such blessedness arises not because of any flowery language, but by the fact the Acharya is himself blessed !

Mother, this hymn is nothing but a composition of yours in your own words (tvadIyAbhir-vAgbhiH tava janani vAcAm stutiriyam - shloka #100), says he in the concluding line.

Inspirations of great saints and sages, not only benefit mankind by their inspired poetry, but bring to successive generations, an inspired contact with the great men, even long after they have passed away.

Thus our Acharya in enabling us to have a darshan of the Goddess herself, gives us, in addition, a darshan of himself !

The concept of intense devotion does not care for the language used, or for the manner of worship. It is the intensity of devotion and depth of feeling that matter.


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