Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 23


And in ShrI-vidyA the identity of jiva with Brahman is clearly stipulated. The two philosophies differ only in the concept of creation.

In advaita, duality is said to be only an imagination and so is to be totally negated. In shAkta philosophies, duality is said to be created by parAShakti, the energy of Brahman.

It is also the parA-Shakti that grants the mokshha, which is the identity of Brahman and jIva in eternal peaceful bliss.

This bliss is called shivAnandam and/or shAntAnandam in the shaivite schools, and cidAnandam in the shAkta schools.

There is no difference in the concept of mokshha as the realisation of the one-ness of jIva and Brahman, between advaita schools and the ShrI-vidyA tantra of the shAkta schools.


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