Friday, February 10, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 11


But instead of seeing them as different and separate, try not to forget that the basis of all of them is the single Me. Love Me from your heart and view everything through Love.

Encompass everything in Love. I shall raise you to the Ultimate Enlightenment by My Love and Grace”.

Thus arises the godly experience that is blessed by the Mother Goddess. By Mother Goddess I also mean the Lord-God, the paramAtmA, and also the individual favourite deity of each of us.

It is the same supreme Power that engulfs you into the mAyA, that graces you as saguNa-brahman and also takes you to that blissful state of jnAna.

Finally let me also say this.

By the very fact that the jnAni writes a book on jnAna, it must follow that he should also write on Bhakti.

For, writing a book means communicating with others. So that means he has accepted the presence of a world of duality in which he has to communicate and educate.

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