Sunday, February 12, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 13


There are three superlative hymns of praise on Mother Goddess in the form of Lalita.

Chronologically they are:

AryA-dvishati’ (also called ‘lalitA-stava-ratnam’) a 200-shloka piece by Sage Durvasa;

Soundaryalahari which is actually made up of two parts – ‘Ananda-lahari’ , a 41- shloka piece brought from Kailas by Adi Shankara and ‘Soundarya-lahari’ the 59-shloka piece composed by Adi Shankara himself, the two pieces together going by the popular name of Soundaryalahari by Adi Shankara; and

Panca-shati’ (a 500-shloka piece) by the poet Muka.

Durvasa's AryA-dvishati gives us a spiritual experience of the presence of the Almighty-Goddess in the very words of AryA-dvishati. In this he describes the complicated structure of the ShrI-chakra.

The Goddess's Grace descends on those who read and recite such hymns of praise composed by great devotees who have already merited the descent of Her Grace on them.


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