Friday, February 17, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 18


The aShTottara-nAmAvaLi of the Acharya has the nAmA ‘soundarya-laharI-mukhya-bahu-stotravidhAyakAya namaH’ meaning: ‘prostrations to the one who composed many stotras with soundaryalaharI as the prime one.

Of the BhAshyas that he wrote, ‘brahma-sUtra-bhAshya’ towers supreme; of his expository works, viveka-chUDAmaNi’ is prime and of all his works of bhakti, the SoundaryalaharI tops the list.

SundarI, the beautiful, is Her name.

MahA-tripura-sundarI or just, tripura-sundarI , both derived from the root name, SundarI, is the
Goddess propitiated by the great mantra called Shri-vidyA.

Of the many names of ambaal, such as PArvatI, durgA, KALI, BAlA, BhuvaneshvarI, etc., it is the SundarI name that goes with RAja-rAjesvari, the Queenname of all the scriptures that talk of and dwell on the Mother Goddess.


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