Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 15


Of Soundaryalahari it may be said that there never was one like it, nor ever will be. It has a perennial charm that does not satiate. And its majestic eloquence is unbeatable.

In his bhaja-govindam our Acharya uses very elementary words because it happens to be the alphabet of Vedanta.

But here he is describing the undescribable. So he uses words very precisely. Consequently the vocabulary turns out to be difficult.

But the words chosen only add to the lilting charm of the poetry that he weaves. The metre used is shikariNI’, meaning that which is at the apex. It has 17 syllables for each of the four lines.

Through the descriptions of the Goddess's form that make up the latter 59 shlokas, he brings ambaal right before our mental eyes in all Her majesty, grace and splendour and overwhelms us by the bliss which the very words and metaphors pour on us.

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