Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 29


And again then, by one more implication, one can take it to mean that the one who is doing the stotra now, namely, the Acharya himself, must, ipso facto, be of great spiritual merit.  Is that what he means? Is he so devoid of humility that he praises himself by implication? # Later in  shloka #57 he is going to say: ‘snapaya kRpayA mAm-api’ ( that is, pour your glance of compassion, EVEN on poor me) and again in shloka #84, ‘mamApi shirasi dayayA dehi caraNau’ (EVEN on my head please place your feet). So  the only way we should interpret the present shloka is: ‘You can move even the immutable  ShivaM into action. It is You therefore who have given even me, who does not have any spiritual merit, the capability that you usually grant only to the meritorious ! It is You who have moved my senses of speech into the action of hymnising You !’


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