Friday, February 3, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 4


It is that Power which is known in advaita scriptures as saguNa-brahman or Ishvara. In the scriptures devoted to Shakti or Shiva , whenever they call the Actionless nirguNa-Brahman as ‘ShivaM’ they call this saguNa-brahman as ‘Shakti’, ‘parAshakti ’ or ‘ambAL’. Just as that nirguNa-Brahman exhibits itself and acts as the saguNa-brahman, so also, it must be presumed, that the enlightened jnAni also does his external actions and that again, is the work of the saguNa-brahman!

What is the path of jnAna? It is the effort through self-enquiry and meditation for the eradication of the mind and vanquishing of mAyA. But the other path is to dedicate oneself and all one's thoughts and actions to that very parA-shakti (who produced this mAyA on us) with an attitude of devotion.

It is like giving the house-key to the thief himself ! However much the parA-shakti may play with you and toss you and your mind hither and thither, Her infinite compassion cannot be negated.

Only when we separate and rejoin, we realise the value of that union. To pray to Her for that reunion and for Her to get us back to Her in answer to our prayers this is the great LeelA of Duality wherein She exhibits Her Infinite Compassion !

So when one prays with Bhakti for such release She releases Him by giving Him that Wisdom of Enlightenment.


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