Monday, February 6, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 7


To such a weiling seeker She replies:

Why do you worry and weep like this? You are worrying that you cannot discard the world from your view. But you forget that the world was not your making.

This Sun and Moon, mountains, trees, oceans, animal kingdom, and the millions of living beings and categories – all this was not created by you.

When that is so, you are worrying about the little you that you are, and you forget that this little you also was not your creation.
Instead of thinking all this is not only one but one with Me, your mAyA clouded view makes you think they are all different and distinct. And even that mAyA-view that clouds you, again was not your making!

My dear child, you are caught up in the web of the world, a mind and a MAyA-cloud -- all this is My making.

Did I not make Krishna say to you: mama mAyA duratyayA ? (My mAyA is intranscendable). I have also told you there that it is ‘daivI’ (made by the Power of God). If you had made it all, then you could have overcome them.

But it was all made by Me in the fullness of Power.


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