Friday, February 24, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 25


The identity between Shakti and Cit is referred to in the word ‘cidAnandalaharI’ in verse #8 of Anandalahari.

bhajanti tvAm dhanyAH katicana cidAnanda-laharIm”, meaning, ‘Only the most fortunate few (recognize you and) worship you as the flood of knowledgebliss (cidAnanda)’.

Note here that while for every reader of the Soundaryalahari portion the whole beauty of Mother Goddess is fully experiential, in the Anandalahari portion the people who can experience the bliss of the Shakti-lahari, that is, the cidAnanda-lahari, are only the few fortunate (katicana dhanyAH) !

The close correlation between advaita and the various shAkta schools, particularly the ShrI-vidyA tantra school, has been used by our Acharya who is aware that many cannot follow the abstract path of jnAna.

And that is why perhaps he chalks out a path whereby one starts from the ‘leelA’ of creation of duality and goes forward along the path of ShrI-vidyA and finally ends up in advaita itself.


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