Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Samaadhaana - Part 8 of 15


In other words, we equate ‘manas’ and ‘antaH-karaNaM’ in all our ordinary exchange of ideas. ‘Control the mind, Let the MAyA covering the mind be removed, May the dirt of the mind be erased’ – these are the statements in the literature of spirituality and Atma-SAdhanA.

The reason for all this is that it is the mind (manas) that draws the JIva by its feelings into all directions.

When the Acharya defined ‘shamaM’ in this sextad, he says it is “the state wherein the mind (manas) is anchored to the goal (lakshyaM) of the Atman” -- *svalakshhye niyatAvasthA manasaH shama ucyate*.

The next one ‘damaM’ is also the controlling of the mind’s agents, the senses. ‘uparati’ is also another component of mind-control.

Holding back the channels (vRtti) from proceeding to outside attractions is ‘uparati’ and the channels are nothing but flows of the mind. The tolerance or patience implied in ‘titikshhaa’ is also a work of the mind. Thus all that we have seen so far are SAdhanAs that correct the mind.

Here when he talks of ‘samAdhAna’ he talks about the ‘fixing’ of the intellect (buddhi). We have heard many speak “The mind has to become still; the mind has to be drawn and made to be fixed on one thing; it is the mind that has to be anchored ..”.


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