Sunday, May 13, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 104

I was saying: It is Shiva Himslf who gets reflected in the mirror of MAyA and becomes ambaal. If you ask the advaitin, ‘What is this MAyA’, he will reply: ‘It is not possible to say what it is. You know it is called MAyA, magical ! So it will not allow us to understand it’. The  ShAkta school will say: ‘Even MAyA is only a part of ambaal.’. 

I already told you that  MAyA occurs only at the stage where  ShivaM becomes the  jIva, according to  ShAktaM. That the  jIva does not know that it is itself ShivaM, is  MAyA. It is the work of  MAyAShakti that makes it incomprehensible for  jIva to know the Permanent Eternal One and mistake the ephemeral things as permanently existing. 


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