Monday, May 21, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 112


Note the expert  use of the words ‘sharaNye’ and ‘charaNau’. The first comes from the word ‘sharaNa’ meaning refuge. She is the Ultimate Refuge for the whole world. The second word comes from ‘charaNa’
meaning ‘foot’. Her feet are the Refuge; because the feet themselves are capable of granting our wishes, by just being there. Just as flowers, without ‘doing’ any action, radiate fragrance.

When one asks for the removal of fear, that is, fearlessness (abhaya), the positive response from the deity could only be the removal of fear; there is nothing more to be given. On the other hand, whatever
other wish one asks for fulfillment, there can always be something more than that wish and thus She - nay, just the grace of Her divine  feet -  gives the devotee more than what he wants.  


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