Monday, May 14, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 105

It is at this point that the object and its reflected image analogy leads to the positive and negative. What we said earlier pertained to electricity. But now we shall take the positive-negative phenomenon of photography. In the positive, light is light and dark is dark. In the negative on the other hand, light is dark and dark is light.  That is the Ignorance which shows what exists as not existing and non-existence as existence. This is the handiwork of MAyA ! We are all submerged in this MAyA and since ambaal is responsible for this, we call Her, MAyA.  

But to top it all, we should not forget that, the very ambaal who does all this play of MAyA, is Herself the Most Compassionate One, and those of us who can surrender to Her as the Only Refuge, will be graced
by Her and made to cross the MAyA-curtain !


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