Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 93


The mantras and their esoteric meanings have to be safeguarded  like  nuclear secrets. If you really want to get them, approach the proper guru and if he thinks you have the requisite qualifications he will tell you. In this connection I will tell you an important matter. I am touching it, so that you may not ‘touch’ it! 

The name  KunDalini and all the associated  cakras are being talked about by every one now, especially ever since Sir John Woodroffe wrote about ‘The Serpent Power’. I am not finding fault with him. I only thank him for bringing to light the fact that our ancients had great things to tell the world in spite of modern advances in science.  My only warning to you is that without a proper initiation no mantra or japam will help anybody. It is like having costly electrical and electronic equipment in your house without a  power connection. The same thing with these  mantras and  KunDalini yoga. Without the guru power they will not work.


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