Saturday, May 5, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 96


Shiva is the husband and  ambaal is the wife. It is only by Her power that even He moves - this is the content of the first shloka. One might ask: Just to boost up the glory of Mother Goddess does one have to descend to such a level as to bring God Himself to the level of saying that He is simply a nonentity?  The esoteric principle here is that the immutable  Brahman expresses itself only by the unfolding of the cit-Shakti. The poetic principle involved here is that the beloved, being the fair sex, is always to be given the credit and so ‘He moves only when She moves Him’ is also acceptable. Thus on both counts, the presentation is enjoyable.

Now let us come  to modern Science and see whether there is any correlation with the set of ideas relating to ShivaM and Shakti.  Matter is inert and its nature is inertia. But we know that  inert matter undergoes internal changes and in due course evolves into more complicated matter and finally the universe itself. What is the power which made inert matter non-inert?


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