Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 121


The major purpose of bhakti is to quell all desires and get attracted to that Infinite source of Bliss. While that is so, how is it legitimate for a bhakti-stotra to praise that very deity as One who encouraged and manouvred the powers that be, to fall in Love? In spite of our reverence to the Acharya, we have to  raise this question sometimes. The world-view has to disappear in order for Divine Enlightenment to appear; but here the deity is praised for having engineered the creation of that world !

Knowledge arises only after all ‘kAma’ (Desire) has been eradicated; but here She is glorified as having been that very Power who gave  the power to the God of ‘Desire’ for generating Desire. Does it  mean, then,  that ‘Desire’ itself is Divine Grace?  


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