Saturday, July 16, 2011

Inner Organ and Heart - Part 3 of 10


For this reason if one attributes a form or qualities to the Atman and makes it totally ‘saguNa’ (with attributes) and dualistic, that is not right. Then how do we create the prop?

The Formless one that is permeating everywhere is something which surpasses all attempts to imagine it!

That is why, even if the Atman is not attributed with qualities and form, a point has, as it were, been specified within the JIva’s body itself and the location of the Atman is to be imagined there.

Who has done this specification? No less than the ParA-shakti Herself!

She it is who showpieces all that dualistic MAyA. And She Herself when She chooses to show compassion by bringing some one into advaita has kept that unique ‘point’ as the ‘Atma-sthAnaM’ (location of the Atman), where the antah-karaNaM (Inner Organ) can converge.


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