Monday, July 11, 2011

What is Bhakti? - Part 3 of 3


Because, at their stage, it is not true that love sprouts only towards a form with attributes and glorious deeds.

On the other hand it is a stage where love needs no object of love; it sprouts by itself.

If that sprouting is not followed in reality, even in that refined state, all that SAdhanA will be swallowed by a burst of ego.

He will certainly get his MokSha because of all the SAdhanA he has done; but that will happen perhaps after crores of years when the total universe goes through the Grand Dissolution.

What is this Ego that I am speaking of here? What is this Grand Dissolution?

I shall revert to these topics later.

But right now we should know what this Love is that I am talking about.

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