Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mumukshhu - Part 5 of 8


In other words, they declared: “Whatever is the Ultimate Truth, that has to be found by an intense inquiry.

Let it be good or bad, let it be happiness or misery. The flood of Time brings events after events and the whole universe is in motion.

For all this movement there must be a base of action. And that must be something firmer than all of them.

So also in the case of the JIva that pertains to us, who are waxing and waning, something grants us a life, a consciousness and a power; what is the permanent substratum of this? Let us discover it.

With this trumpeting call the Upanishad Rishis marched on with infectious enthusiasm, confidence and courage and proceeded bravely like ‘dhIras’ towards that discovery.


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