Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is Love? - Part 2 of 2


The attachment to the other being that we develop for this very purpose is what is called Desire. This is wrongly thought to be Love.

Love is what arises when our internal organ (*antaH-karaNaM*) is at its noblest height.

Then it is that the mind and intellect are drawn into the Ego, and the antaHkaraNaM changes its location to the heart and works from there.

At this point, the collator of this material, Shri R. Ganapathy has this note: “As far as I know, this thought and the consequent thoughts that follow this seem to be new. Except on this occasion, even the Mahaswamigal is not known to have spoken about these. Regarding this, when he was asked to add further details, he said: ‘Whatever was said that day, that is all’ and thus put an end to any further discussion”

Mother Goddess is Love personified.

So in Her creation, even the most cruel beings have been blessed to show Love some time.

And for those who have refined their mind by SAdhanA there arises the possibility of the sprouting of Love all the time.

And that is when the heart becomes the permanent location of the antaHkaraNaM.

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